About The Association for Judicial Reforms (India)

The Association for Judicial Reforms (India) is registered Trust working for Judicial Transparency and Efficiency in Administration of Justice in India.

Know What We Do at AJRI

1. Work for Judicial Transparency and Efficiency in Administration of Justice in India by providing/suggesting analytical legal researches in public domain.
2. Work for implementing Rule of law in Administration of Justice to minimize the discretionary options without reasons. As Strengthening of the rule of law is the core component of the judicial reform measures, regardless of the orientation of the reformer. The rule of law embodies certain basic values emphasizing individual civil, political, and property rights, underpinned by the concept of the equality of all citizens under the law.
3. Work for Consolidating the Democracy in India, for it, the rule of law is necessary to making democratization possible, because without it citizens would not be able to exercise their political rights. A functioning judicial system and a strong rule of law are critical to democratization and the consolidation of democracy.
4. Work for making the administration of justice more predictable and transparent while deciding economic development issues because delays in the judicial verdicts likely to exact increasingly higher costs on developing country like India.
5. Work for encouraging all stakeholders of Administration of Justice like Judges, advocates & litigants through their sincere roles in evolution of legal jurisprudence needed to cater the contemporary and as well as future society.
6. Work and promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in administration of justice to act unambiguously and well-timed in the interest of Justice.
7. Work and endorse techniques and methodologies to reduce hefty pendency on Indian Courts from lower to the Supreme Court of India.